Why Enyo Matters

There has been a lot of hype about cross-platform app development with HTML and JavaScript, but it’s tough to build the native-quality apps that users crave using plain-vanilla web technologies. UI plugins and HTML templates can help, but are they enough? In this video, recorded live at dotJS in Paris, our own Kevin Schaaf argues they’re not. Web technologies provide the foundation for a true universal platform, but building native-quality apps on the web stack requires a different approach — one informed by native app development practices.

Using straightforward examples, Kevin shows how tasks that would be difficult to accomplish using traditional tools are easy achieved using Enyo components.  Components free developers from having to work at the ‘low level’ of the HTML source and allow them to focus on solving real world problems. Enyo solves the difficult problems of cross-platform support and native-quality performance while increasing maintainability and code reuse.

Watch the video and see that Web technologies are not just buzz, but are able to transform the way apps are made.