Announcing the Enyo Developer Directory

When we’re out and about, we tend to meet a lot of talented and successful developers doing great things with Enyo — and looking for opportunities to do more.

We also run into people who have great ideas (or pressing needs) for apps, but don’t have resources in-house to take on an Enyo project.

Being of the problem-solving type, we realized we could do something to bring these folks together. Here it is: the Enyo Developer Directory.

If you’re looking for a top-notch Enyo developer in Europe or the US, odds are you’ll find one here. And if you’re a developer who belongs on this list, please send us a note ( to learn more.

P.S: While we were gathering contact info for the directory, we took the opportunity to collect some great new quotes from Enyo developers. Check them out on our updated Testimonials page!