Enyo 2.1: Theming, Localization, and more!

It has been an exciting couple of months on the Enyo team as we have ramped up 4 new team members and worked hard to add some of our most requested features to the framework.  Today we are releasing Enyo 2.1, which includes new features, new widgets, new browser support, and the death of over 60 bugs.

  • LESS-based theming support: In order to provide easy customization of the Onyx UI library, we have added first-class support for using LESS stylesheets with Enyo.  Check out our new UI Theming Guide for details on how easy it is to customize Onyx in your app.
  • Globalization/Localization library:  One awesome piece of software developed for the HP Touchpad was its globalization library, written fully in JavaScript.  Today we’re releasing that g11n code as an Enyo 2-compatible library that you can use to localize your app’s strings, dates, times, phone numbers, and more!  Head to the Localization Guide to find out more.
  • New Browser Support:  Beginning with Enyo 2.1, we’re promoting Chrome for Android and iOS6 to Tier 1 platforms. As always, you can view a full list of the platforms we support on the Enyo site. Additional platform support will be coming soon – IE10 is already looking good in desktop/mouse mode, and we’re targeting support for Win8 touch events, the Win8 HTML5 runtime, and Kindle Fire HD in an upcoming release.

  • New Widgets:  You’ll find a handful of cool new widgets in the 2.1 release. The Layout library gets an ImageView widget (with zooming and panning support, including pinch-to-zoom on multi-touch platforms) and an ImageCarousel for flipping through multiple ImageViews. The Onyx UI library gets a new RangeSlider, and localizable DatePicker and TimePicker widgets, too. Visit the Enyo Sampler to give the new widgets a spin!
  • Sampler Improvements:  The Sampler now includes a handy Gesture sample (pun intended), as well as support for opening any sample in jsFiddle.

Check out the Enyo 2.1 Release Notes for details on all changes in this release.

In addition, we’ve done significant work over the past couple months on adding data binding support to Enyo, as well as an optional MVC library to help you structure your Enyo app using the model-view-controller design pattern.  While these features aren’t in the 2.1 release, we’re almost ready to have you try them out and give us your feedback. Keep an eye on the Enyo blog for more information, coming soon.

Last, we love hearing from our developers, and want to make sure we’re working on the things you value most.  One way you can help is by voting in our JIRA tracker on the bugs or features you want to see addressed most.  Happy voting!