Openbravo selects Enyo

Openbravo, a leading provider of open-source ERP software, has chosen to use Enyo for both its web point-of-sale solution (Openbravo Web POS) and its mobile solution (Openbravo Mobile).

“Enyo is the right framework for Openbravo Mobile, as it provides the building blocks for developing modular, extensible, thin, and fast mobile applications.”

Check out the video that Rob Goris recently posted to the Openbravo blog, showcasing the power of Openbravo Mobile — and highlighting a very handsome Enyo-based UI, if we do say so ourselves.

Rob’s post was followed by one from Iván Perdomo, which discusses why Openbravo chose Enyo, delves into the Openbravo Mobile architecture and explains how they’ve paired Enyo with Backbone.js.