Announcing Enyo 2.0.1

Today we’re releasing Enyo 2.0.1, our first release since we exited beta last month.

Enyo 2.0.1 is a maintenance release, driven by feedback and bug reports from the Enyo community. We’ve resolved a number of issues related to Panels, Drawers, and Pickers, but you’ll find fixes and minor enhancements across the board — check the release notes for a full list.

With 2.0.1 out the door, we’re hard at work now on localization, theming, and data-binding options for Enyo apps, and we’ll have more to share with you soon!

Have a feature or idea we should be looking into?  Let us know on the forums, or submit a feature request on the tracker.  We’d love to hear from you.

Also, don’t miss the chance to meet the Enyo team at upcoming events we’ll be attending!  Full details available on the Enyo Events page.