Introducing Enyo Graffiti™

Like most users of mobile devices, you must find yourself continually frustrated by inconsistent input methods across your mobile devices and the desktop. Virtual keyboards, physical keyboards, mice, trackpads, voice - all imperfect solutions that vary from device to device. Well today your problems are over - introducing Enyo Graffiti™ - the cross-platform input system. 

With the inclusion of the Enyo Graffiti™ Cross-platform Input Widget, developers can enable their users to share a single input method across all of their devices. After a brief 90-minute tutorial and calibration, users will be up and running in no time, soon drafting documents, emails, or tweets as fast as 30 words per hour. 

When available in Summer 2013, the Enyo Graffiti™ Cross-platform Input Widget will be easy to include in any mobile or desktop Enyo application. 


  • Fully internationalized, provided your country uses the latin alphabet
  • Meat Stylus-compatible
  • Compatible with portrait, landscape, face-down, and lost-between-the-sofa-cushion device orientations 
  • Patent-pending unintended input detector ensures events do not propagate in butt-dial or drunk-texting scenarios 

Note: Requires support for -x-webkit-psychic-linear-transform-keyframe, -x-moz-hungarian-spellcheck, or progid:DX-ESP.Microsoft.fancyinput(esp=true, encabulatorPct=42) for full functionality, but we expect these vendor extensions be standardized soon.  The widget will gracefully degrade to DrawSomething in their absence.